Interspeech 2025

The theme of Interspeech 2025 is “Fair and Inclusive Speech Science and Technology”. Interspeech 2025 aims to embrace the enormous diversity both within and between individuals and within and between languages and sees this diversity as a source of richness and information in order to construct fair more robust and more personalised applications of speech technology and more successful theories of human speech processing. This allows us to create theories and technology that is inclusive of everyone.
We have defined four specific strands:

•    Factors arising from the individual in human speech processing
•    Under-researched languages, dialects, and accents
•    Inclusive technology for atypical speech communication, including multi-modal and adaptive systems
•    Ethical considerations about fairness, inclusion, and democratization  of speech technologies                              

Organising committee

General Chair: Odette Scharenborg (TU Delft) 

General Co-chair: Khiet Truong (UTwente) & Catharine Oertel (TU Delft)

Technical Program Committee: Esther Klabbers (chair; ReadSpeaker, US), Martin Cooke (IKERBASQUE, Spain) & Tomi Kinnunen (University of Eastern Finland)



The conference will be held in Rotterdam, which is renowned for its amazing architecture and art (in many museums as well as in public places). It is a vibrant city, easily reached by train from many European destinations and Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. The conference centre, Rotterdam Ahoy, is state-of-the-art and easily reached from Rotterdam Central Station via a direct metro connection (only 6 stops). Conveniently, all the major hotels and hotel chains are located at tram stops between the train station and the conference centre, making the conference easily accessible.